Handmade Bone Necklace For Men

Stylish men like to wear jewelry and look good and attractive. A necklace is the best way to enhance your looks. There are so many necklace designs available in the market that you can choose according to your personality. The most famous necklaces are made using silver, gold, platinum and many other precious metals, whereas many of them are made using semi precious metals.

Mostly gold and silver necklaces are used these days. Those men who like unique style can prefer to wear handmade bird bone bead necklace. You can wear diamond or gemstone pendant along with the bone chain. You should also select the length of the necklace.

Different occasions:

Handcrafted necklace are made available according to the occasions. You can choose simple designed necklace with a classic pendant and for any type of birthday party or beach party or for some small regular events. These simple necklaces are light weighted and can be used worn on a daily basis.

You can choose stylish necklace with a pendant and beaded string. These necklaces are big in size as well as heavy in weight.

For gifting purpose:

These necklaces are the best when it comes to gift them to someone who also has a taste for handmade jewelry. Jewelry is always considered as the best that you can gift to someone to make there day more memorable. You can also personalize this handmade jewelry if you are planning to gift it to someone loved.

Buy The Best Diamond Jewellery As Per Your Budget

While planning to buy your engagement ring, the first decision that you have to make is the kind of ring that you want to buy and the next thing would be your budget for it. While you may get enticed by the advertisements on the internet and you may come across many varieties in traditional jeweller shops, but the major constraint is the budget that you have set for it.

There are some of the best jewellers online who can make it easy for you to buy high grade affordable jewellery without compromising on the style and design of the pieces that you wish to purchase.

Explore the options

As anything related to the wedding of a person is very special, thus you should spend some extra time finding the quality items that you wish to purchase. It may look easy to buy a cheaper option, but it is suddenly not the right decision to make as there will be chances of breaking of stones from the ring and the other jewellery pieces you buy.

Quality of the material

If you are planning to buy a solitaire, then the quality of the diamond is the first thing that you should check. Once you know the size of solitaire that you wish to buy, then it is also necessary to assess the design of it.

Color of the diamond

There are many options including the lab-tested and natural ones that you can look forward to buying.

Silver Fingerprint Jewellery the Best Choice for You

Jewellery is not only the best companion of women, but are also the right and ideal way of expressing ones love to another. Each piece of jewellery holds its own set of beautiful memories. One of the many kinds of jewellery pieces that have made quite name in the world of ornaments is the fingerprint jewellery.

Apart from the handprint necklace and pendants, silver fingerprint jewellery pieces are in great demand for many purposes. Some are listed below.


Unlike the platinum jewellery pieces or even the gold or diamond jewellery pieces, silver handprint jewellery will not cost you as much. The overall value for silver metal is comparatively lesser than any other precious metal that are available today, and this factor makes them the easily affordable kinds.


Uniqueness is something that every person is known for today. The same goes for the silver fingerprint jewellery pieces too. When you wear such pieces of art, you will feel the satisfaction of wearing something that is not easily available anywhere in the whole world. You can be the owner of a beautiful piece of jewellery without spending more from your pocket.


Fingerprint jewellery pieces actually stand for the idea of immortalizing the cute memories that you have of your little ones, when they are babies. You will not only get to keep the memories for the rest of your life, with the help of fingerprints jewellery, but can also relive those happy moments, every time you look at the unique pieces.

Personalized Jewelry As Gift

Choosing a gift can sometimes be very confusing especially for someone who is very close to your heart. Clothes, antiques, paintings, photo frames and others are some things that are very common and most of them are kept aside. People may or may not notice them. But if there is someone very close to you, you might want to gift him something that he can keep close to his heart. This is the time when you think of personalized jewelry. It is something that can be perfect for your loved one. He or she can wear it all the time and whenever he sees it, it will remind him of you.

Personalized jewelry can be made according to occasions or events as well. You can get some dates engraved on it or any name or some message. You can also get some old jewelry customized according to the new trend. It will look new as ever. You also don’t have to go anywhere for that you can get the personalized jewelry online and also at affordable prices. If you don’t have any idea what to engrave on the jewelry, you can get it made according to the birth date of the person. There are different stones associated with different birth months and you can get one designed accordingly.

Stones associated with the months

Garnet is for the people born in January, amethyst can be worn by people who are born in February. Aquamarine, bloodstone is associated with March, April is with rock crystal or diamond. Emerald for many, pearl and moonstone is for June. While ruby is for July, peridot for August, sapphire for September and opal is for October. November month has topaz and December has turquoise. You can get the stone based on the birth month.

Brooches Are The Coolest Piece Of Jewellery

This is something not all the people are aware of i.e. brooches can be the coolest jewellery that you can ever wear. A lot of people think about is an old fashioned piece of gold jewellery and can only be worn at wedding or royal functions but today the fashion has changed. A lot of people love to wear heavy, big or even light and cute brooches. There are many online agencies that provide the facility of jewellery rental. So, you can also rent your favourite gold brooches for any good occasion without spending a huge amount.

Basic tips to wear brooches:

Around or centre of neckline – if you are wearing a dress that has higher neckline then you can pair a brooch with it, gracefully. You can get a chained brooch and wear it like a necklace or you can also try some brooch with royal designs and pin it at the collar button.

beautiful saphire brooch

Brooch studded coats – This has come into fashion like a wave and probably you might have already seen any celeb wearing a coat with lots of brooches on it. The fact is it actually looks good and all you have to do is pair some good brooches that would match with your coat and the dress.

Blazer lapel – brooches on blazer lapel is not new but the kind of brooches that now people wear are very new and also unique. You can also try one these unique and amazing brooches like, peace sign, bow and arrow, big bug, bird, etc.

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Cobalt Wedding Bands: Why They Are So Special?

Here is the main thing to know. When it comes to your wedding, everything has to be unique and special. Wedding bands are the best thing which can make all of this possible. Yes, there are a lot of them, but not all are ideal. Contemporary wedding bands are something else. Let’s take cobalt bands for example. They look extraordinary, they are special in the lack of a better word and the varieties are immense.

wedding ring

Cobalt wedding bands are extremely tough. As a matter of fact, this material is 4 times harder than platinum and far more resistant. In addition, it is completely scratch resistant and hypoallergenic. All of this suggests that the cobalt wedding band can help you stand out from the crowd and make your finger look different. Yes, there are several finishes of the wedding band possible, so all of this is an individual matter.

Now, add gold to the equation and you can understand why these wedding bands are so special. 14K gold is more than just shiny, special and great looking at all situations. A wedding band which combines all of this is more than just perfect for couples who want to feel special and to have a special wedding.

These rings will say a lot of your personality. It means that you are getting a high-end product which reveals your specialty to all people all around you. On the other hand, there are no drawbacks here.

Feel More Gorgeous With Traditional Kundan Jewelry

indian bride
When it comes to Indian bridal look, there are many things which suddenly come to the mind such as makeup, dresses and jewelry. Jewelry is the most important thing that can contribute a lot to make a bride look more gorgeous on her special day. Kundan jewelry, south Indian traditional gold jewelry, polka jewelry and evergreen diamond jewelry are considered as the most admired jewelry designs which easily match with Indian bridal dresses. But most of Indian brides like to choose kundan jewelry for their wedding because it is easy to match with bridal dresses or other accessories like bangles. If you are looking to purchase kundan jewellery in UK, you can easily visit stores that are specialized in providing traditional Indian wedding jewelry. In UK, these jewelry stores can provide your every design of Indian bridal jewelry including elegant kundan jewelry.

What is kundan jewelry?

Kundan jewelry is precious set of gems and stones firmly stud on one side of gold or faux metal base and on the other side meenakari is done delicately. Kundan jewelry can be found in various forms such as kundan necklace, gorgeous Mang Teeka, BajuBand, pairs of Earrings, beautifully designed traditional kada and many bridal or traditional jewelry items.

There are many reasons why most of brides like to wear kundan jewelry on their wedding day, some of the core reasons are given below:

  • Kundan jewelry is easy to match with bridal dresses and accessories.
  • This jewelry can be found in many forms
  • Kundan jewelry is cheaper than so-called golden jewelry.